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here\'s one you won\'t see too often!


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here is a Fireflash missile that I restored. It was the UK's first air to air missile. Development started in 1947. It never entered service other than as a trials vehicle as the Firestreak was seen to be the better option and was considered worth waiting for. The draw back with Fireflash was that it was a beam rider so the mother aircraft had to keep the target in its sights until impact. Also, the central dart is unpowered and lost speed quite quickly after the boosters separated. having said that, even today, few missiles can beat its 0 - mach 0.9 time. You can judge the size by my son holding the cenral dart, he was 5' 10" at the time. This was part of my missile collection until I needed the garage for a soft top. I sold it to the Combined Services Museum, maldon.