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Heritage Open Days 11-14th Sept.


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Less than a month away, Heritage open days are back again for four days only, well worth a look at the website www.heritageopendays.org.uk lots of buildings etc not normally open to the public open their doors for the weekend. Quite a few places of military and maritime interest too. try typing in your postcode in the menu to see what's open near you, and 99% are free too. In the past I have visited forts, castles, barracks and military museums etc in my surrounding area. Only problem is trying to fit it all in to one weekend ! hope you find something to look at, Tony.
Only One Week To Go...

Hi Guys

Just thought I would remind you all that the Heritage Open Days are next weekend. If you follow the link in my previous post you can see what is open in your area. It is listed by county. I hope to be visiting at least two Victorian Forts in the Hampshire area. I will take my camera with me to see if there is any ordnance to be found, if so, I will post some pictures afterwards, however I am away on holiday from the 16th for a week.

All the best.

Fort Cumberland

Here are a couple of pics of the interior of Fort Cumberland on the Eastney seafront at Portsmouth. I was lucky enough to get a ticket for one of only four tours for the Heritage open weekend a couple of weeks ago. It is now used as the centre for archaeology for English Heritage and is not open to the public. It was the local centre for the motorised section of the Royal Marines up until 1975, and still has bomb craters in it's outside wall from WW2. Full details can be found about the Fort's history online.


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