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hi can anyone help ID this please



can anyone help me with this please ive had this a while but being a beginner i dont really know much about it
many thanx
No worries,:)
Im sure this is a sectioned/cutaway german 28/20 projectile.

if using a digital camera,then swith to the `macro` mode in the settings(its usually a little flower symbol).

Then you can take close up shots and the camera will auto-focus for you.


its a 'cut away' 2.8cm Pzgr Patr 41 projectile for the 2.8 cm schwere Panzerbuchse 41.
The projectiles missings it magnesium cap.

To quote the Hogg 'Bible'

This was the standard anti-tank projectile and consisted of a tungsten core inside a lead sleave, carried in a body made of a soft iron alloy with a magnesium-alloy nose cap; this gave a bright flash on impact with a hard target, thus indicating the point of strike to the gunner. The body was flanged to fit the 2.8cm calibre and the front flange was pierced with five holes to allow the escape of between-flange air during the squeezing action.
Q,is part of this projectile made from Tungsten?

Im sure ive read it somewhere in my books?

The last complete round I saw on an auction site went for just over 100.

The cases do turn up but there not cheep, 30+ if you can find one.