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Hi everyone


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Does anyone know what this shell is? its an inch and a half wide by six and a half high,am i right in thinking it was for a pom-pom gun many thanks woodbine.


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Hi, and welcome to the forum..... For ID'ing stuff its good if you can give good measurements of the size of the case (height, width, neck size) and the same with any projectile measurements. Also, taking any pictures of the markings on the base of the case or on the projectile are helpful.

It looks like a 37mm Pom-Pom cannon round... I am sure the experts will pipe up and give you a correct answer....:tinysmile_fatgrin_t
hello woodbine

hello woodbine welcome to bocn !!

looks like also on 3,7 cm WW1 round !!

regards David
hey ya woodbine

Welcome to the wonderful world of BOCN woodbine, looks like you have 37mm pom pom, can we get pic of headstamp???Dano
Hello and welcome

Hi Woodbine that names a bit of a blast from the past-not ex naval per chance ?
Names aside, welcome.
3,7 cm

Hello Woodbine,
You have a german 3,7 cm Gr with 3,7 cm Gr Z
The two bands will indicate a shell for AA artillery (max velocity)
3,7 cm

Sorry, it's not the 3,7 cm GrZ fuze, but well a base fuze.
This kind of shell, with a incendiary filling, was initially used agains ballons.
37mm round

Hi, Heres a couple more pics of the 37mm, it took ages to dismantle,i needed to know if the shell had nothing in it?any way thanks for welcome the other day,regards [woodbine].


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