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Home Guard \"Crackers\"


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Here's a pic of an item that I have had for many years. It is from the first years of the Home guard in the UK. Basicly large paper snaps or the things you might find inside a Christmas cracker. Tied to a rifle, you would pull the string and get a nice little bang, used to simulate gunfire without ammo ! the only markings are T.S which I should think was the maker. No great monetry value, but I have never seen any others around. Hope they are of some interest. Tony.
I like these Tony ,they are in very good condition as well,,bet you,ve been tempted to pull the string
Every time I find them again I think "I wonder if they still work ? maybe if I just give one a little tug ?" then reality sets in and I put them away again ! :laugh: :laugh:
Very interesting item(s) and amazing that they survived all these years. Thanks for posting!