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Hotchkiss 1pdr. Heavy Field 37x120r, part 1


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Only the two sterioview cards are mine, the rest belong to various collectors who helped out over the years. If any one has an example of the Hotchkiss Canister with the angular nose I would like very much three images of it to replace the image from the promotional sheet. Top, bottom and side view. (If you are really kind you can put a price on it as well !, but I digress~) The competing munition type to this Hotchkiss round would be the Vikers Maxim 37x126r loading known as the 1 1/2 Pdr. It retains the same casing head size but is longer so that they are not quite interchangable. Naturally any one with additional examples or information I hope will get in touch with me so I can make any alterations or corrections and additions. All errors and omissions in this are all mine !


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