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how much is a panzerschreck rocket ?

bazooka chris

Well-Known Member
hi ya does anybody know how much a good and poor condition panzerschreck rocket goes for these days ? cheers

from chris
Ah,now this is a good question.
I paid about 100 for mine a long while ago,it was in crapola condition,started to refurb it and sent away the tails.Never seen the tails again.:tinysmile_cry_t4:

I saw a super example at Beltring last year for 150 and wish i had snapped it up now.


you still havnt got your tail back that was ages ago wasnt it ? i seem to recall you mentioning it about time you visited him with a long large wooden device isnt it ? and get them back hehe

from chris
Aye,i seen the bugger since but all i get is excuses.
Im way too soft.
tell you what,im gonna make it a mission this week to go and tap on the door....:fight:

Hi Gents ..I found a mint "Shreck" about 7 years ago and paid $500 for it ...I know that was a little expensive for back then back then but because of the condition , I paid it fast.

Sorry the pictures didn't come out better since it's in a Glass Case


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Hi Mike,
Thats the best example so far ive seen in a collection and well worth the price!
Lovely stencilling.:proud:


Thanks Paul :tinysmile_shy_t:
Too bad my Launcher wasn't in that condition ...sometimes we just have to live with what we have.
G'day Mike very nice items you have there. A wise man once told me that you never pay to much you just buy to early ! I'm glad you liked that flathead and thanks for the kind words
Regards Daryl
Yes Daryl , I really like it and can't thank you enough ...I didn't have that style so it fit right in !

As far as these Shreck Rockets ...I don't know why we don't see more of them in collections. And most of the examples I see are in rough shape.
Maybe there just wasn't enough of a Souvenir demand for them so they were overlooked . That would mean they'd be worth more today wouldn't it ?
I have restored one which the parts cost me 100 3 years ago.
that one of your is in superb condition and well worth the money IMO.


This is a restored Panzerschreck painted as it should be..


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I've just restored one, almost ready for paint.
Any chance you remember the green you used? Is it something a hobby store is likely to carry as a spray paint?
Seems that most people with reproductions have them painted all yellow. Is that an option?
Hello Jeff , Ammodillo has not been on site since 2009 ,hopefully one of the other members will have restored one and be able to advise you