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Huge 80cm shell

paul the grenade

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Hi All.
I took this pic in the Imperial war museum the other week. It is an 80 cm shell from the german Railway gun "dora"
the biggest gun ever made. I bet a few of you would like one of these in your collection.
Paul.:blink: :blink:
Now thats a great picture.
I saw a case and primer for one of these dora`s for sale at beltring last year.
It was filled an awful lot and the primer was very heavy!:eek:hmy:

The case and primer sold at the end of the week for 5000!!
it had to be carted away on its pallet with a forklift truck!


Hi Daz,the case was `restored` with filler.I believe these cases where made from steel and this one had been used as a water tank for years.

There was a 80cm case for sale on US ebay just over a year ago fo a lot of dollars.

The auction ended without a sale.
The case that was sold for big money was one of a pair rescued from outside a factory (cannot remember where) and had been used as water butt's :(

There were both made from Brass but as you all know brass can suffer from the elements and these two cases had plenty of holes where the Zinc had come out of solution-so Waff was right, they were filled with fibreglass and repainted to look original (Less the stencilling), they were indeed impressive-the picture shown is of one of them placed upside down on a pallet and wrapped with a pallet both top and bottomready for transportation to its new owner-must apologise for the picture quality as it was taken during the Beltring Monsoon period last year !!
heres some footage or the beast firing.
[ame="http://www.liveleak.com/view?i=60f_1204205327"]LiveLeak.com - Wehrmacht - Germans greatest artillery[/ame]
Hi Joerg
Excellent pictures....many thanks for posting them.

Please correct me if I am wrong but I understand there were two 80cm projectiles.
80cm sprgr (HE)and the 80cm Gr Be (Anti-concrete)

Obviously the projectiles are missing ballistic caps but can you id the pictures please.