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Hughes Lockless Rounds


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Once the camera was let out of its cage, it went wild.

Experiments by the USAF and U.S. Army in "Telescoped" case development about 20 years ago to reduce the length of rounds and therefore the weight of the gun. Also referred to as Chicklets in the U.S. as they looked like the candy/gum of the same name. It is visualy evident why this project was dropped, as the 30mm round is larger than 3 Apache rounds side-by-side.

The 40mm is loaded with a standard L/60 40mm Bofors projo BL&P. The 30mm is see-through, so the priming charge can be seen directly behind the projo (I was told that this dummy round uses coffee for the priming charge), and the main propellant on both sides. The 40mm and .50 cal chicklets are the same design. The cases for the 40mm and 50 cal consist of 4 parts, the two main large sheets that glue together, and two side pieces that slide into dovetails, to hold the main propellant charges on each side.

The 40mm would use a 50 cal primer.



  • 40mm Lockless RC.jpg
    40mm Lockless RC.jpg
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The 40mm Lockless used L/60 40mm Bofors projectiles. The red one in it is a Blind Loaded and Plugged one.