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I.D please chaps?


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Can any of you fellas ID these for me please?
They were disposed of yesterday by EOD up at Barrow-in-Furness.The story was covered by my reporter pal Amy and she sent this pic.
Quick as you can please chaps as ive a reporter waiting for results!!



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?? Put it this way,there is a picture of a kid with the big one.
The Eod had let him pose with it before it was carted off.
Im guessing a 17 pdr and 2 x 6 pdr's if such a thing exist??
Im only into German stuff so ive no idea.


At first sight, I would say one 4.5 in GB and two 75 mm Frenc?
Perhaps 4.5 in filled Chemical SK when i see the profil of the eye for only N044?
Ah,i wasnt sure if they had made that edition?
Just wanted to get Amy`s write-up correct for her.