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ID a 37mm. French Shell Type?


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Hello Gentlemen -

My latest find. I know (or believe it to be) a French 37mm. Marked on the base, "PDPs 357 9-17 37-85" and a flaming bomb. Shell length is 100mm. without the plug. Case length is 92mm.

I picked it up because it had the plug, which I did not have an example of. But, wondered if anyone could tell me what the specific use or type of projectile it is. Has double rings below the band and the projectile is completely unmarked. Perhaps a mismatch between shell and case?

Thanks very much!

- Mike


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You have the following

French casing as you describe -

the projectile

American Army Maximum Capacity 1 Pdr.
likely dated if you can read it 1906 or close to that on the base, usually poorly marked or not marked.
Used for subcaliber practice firing, these replaced the smaller 1 Pdr. (Navy Pattern) that was first adopted for this use.
The proper casing is a 37x136r case with the American Ordnance Corps stamp on the base, you should find the same mark on the projectile body or band. Also used with the 37x145r casing which came into service later around 1911 +-.

Superceded by the Model of 1908 1 pdr.

These will take a fuse but most ended up being fired plugged by the Coastal Artillery. The casing headstamps are shown on one of the two attachments.


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GSpragge -

Many thanks for the great information! I've posted two more scans. It appears there is not a date on the base, but there is a partial Ordnance Stamp just below the driving band. No idea what the difference may mean other than perhaps they were running late! :tinysmile_shy_t:

Best regards! Mike


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Yes thats it-

For some reason this kind are not well marked ? And when they are it's so bad one wonders why they bothered.