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ID a Shell Casing?


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Put this in the other forum, but I believe it is more appropriate here. :tinysmile_cry_t2:

Apologies for the photos, I grabbed them off of ebay... Curious as to what it may be. It was indicated it is 5"'s diameter by 8"s long.

Thanks! Mike

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It would be easier to ID knowing the exact mouth diameter, case length and rim diameter in mm? Also, ask the seller if they will tell you what the markings say.
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Looks like a blank round for ceremonies with 105mm guns. Hard to tell without measurements.
Looking at the markings it looks like a German ww 1 casing, DEZ is december. Perhaps 7.7cm.
Thanks very much folks for your input. On the off chance it might be something decent I went and purchased it. Seems the gent had his photos mixed up. The base was for another casing he had. This one (the stubby one) is actually an Austrian Berndorf 7.5cm. M15 casing in near perfect shape and with a nice Austrian Eagle on it.

Posted a photo below. No wonder it was confusing!!! :tinysmile_cry_t2:

Thanks again and best regards! Mike


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Nice find, I have only ever seen one other Austro-Hungarian case (an 8cm M 16) which I bought at a car boot sale (flea market to you in New York) for 7.

Try asking the seller if he still has the case in the photo, it could also be something interesting.