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ID Anyone?


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I have to type something here or it wont let me post lol


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Nice pictures i sold my PTAB2.5 M a few months ago, to a fellow collector, purchased on ebay .
Very nice copy, but it's dosen't PTAB 2,5 M, If you wat I'll put photo there of my Russiam PTAB 2,5 M. I have Russian PTAB 2,5 M with fuze. Do you want it?

Anyone know the specifics on the fuze for this, looks like a vane inside the circular shield (?), would assume its an arming vane for an instant impact fuze.

This fuze is copy of German WW2 fuze e.AZ 66 A but don't have wires.
It spit back action. If the vane unscrew, fuze is danger.
I am looking for pictures of the shorter tailed version of the PTAB 2.5M. Does anyone have one they can post pictures of?
Jane's says the PTAB 2.5M has two lengths depending on the tail.
One is 0.395 meters (long tail) and 0.374 (short tail).