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Burney Davis

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Some sort of antitank mine fuze? Made of alloy, is actually in better condition than it looks in the pictures


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Hi Eodtek,

If i look at the first photo the fuze is about 47 mm high and the M603 is a little more then 28 mm high?
The measurements I have are the following:

M603 (live and inert)
Height: 1.17 in (29.7mm)
Dia.: 1.14 in (28.95mm)

M604 (practice)
Height: 1.723 in. (43.7mm)
Dia.: 1.05in. (26.67mm)

Looking at the photo and noticing that there isn't a detonator well on the bottom I would rule out my earlier statement of the M603 and go with the M604. Madbomber do you have measurements for the M1A1 as I can't seem to find any to see how ti matches up.

Burney Davis, can you measure the item for us? Can you make out any of the markings on the fuze?
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Hi Eodtek,

The M1A1 is 47mm Height and 57mm Dia.
And this is a photo of the M603.


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Thanks for your comments so far guys. Here are a couple more pics. Dimentions look to be 44mm high by 50mm diameter.




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