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ID on (exploded?) part of a projectile


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I have the object in the pictures for 25 years now and still have not managed to obtain a positive ID on it. It looks like the nose of some kind of an exploded projectile. The outer case is made of approx. 1mm thick metal sheet. Inside of this metal outer casing is a layer of brownish plastic of some sort (german pressstoff?) of several mm's thick. In the center of the inside is a corroded zinc mess, from which 5 (or six?) little pins protrude (shafts of centrifugal safety lugs of a fuze?). On the nose tip, there's a hole with some annular thing shrunk into it. N
ext to the thing is a 7,92mm Mauser case for reference.

Any help in identifying this mystery is highly appreciated! Maybe it's a part of an abused sink :)


AZ23 cutaway.jpg
I think I found the answer: the inner metal sleeve of an exploded German AZ23 fuze, with some remnants of the plastic jacket and the 5 shafts of the centrifugal safety lugs.
Am I correct?