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id please


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Hi guys,

Found a few of them today about 19 cm Long and 9 cm dia.
thanks. :xd:


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whats the bottom like MB and whats under the cap,,247 allways fuze ??
The bottom is closed no holes the fuze is a 247 spotter you are correct :tinysmile_hmm_t: :flute:
Found it 4 Lb smoke bomb.
Thanks guys for looking.
here the outher guy who found them most of you know him :xd:


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nice one MB with the id ,,i was looking through grenades for it,
JTP although this is a 247 fuze does it still use that as its designated number in RAF stores or is it differently numbered ?,
heres similar document in english language


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Spotter the 247 fuze was used on the No 69 grenade. There was no reference to the No 859 that I know of...
??? i know the 247 fuze was used on 69s etc what i was asking was i thought i had seen the 247 fuze before in raf use with a different name
Yes Spotter
British tail Fuze N 859 & N854 are the same as for grenade 69
There are used on 4 lb Smoke and 100 lb Smoke
the safety cap is different and fitted with a wire safety fork
Used with container aerial bomb
Here a drawing and the text.


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