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ID please


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Hi my friends
please help me to identifay this.......
lenght: 40cm
diameter: 12cm
marking on brass fuze: CY 8 42
This will need confirming FERT,,to me it looks like the remains of a British 30lb chemical bomb with no38 nose fuze missing the nose fairing..have a look at the attatched drawing see what you think

I hopesomething will confirm....
it's very similar spotter, exept for fuze, but Im not an expert......
chemical means SMK or toxic agent?
many thnks for reply.
best regards
Hello Fert,
The picture that Spotter has posted shows the Nose Fuze for a No.38 Mk II and not a Nose Fuze No.38 Mk I, as the description below the picture suggests, which is most probably a typo error not picked up before the manual was printed. I will post some pics showing the nose fuze for No.38 Mk I and No.38 Mk II.
Invest :)