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Hi All,
Can anyone on here help me identify this old (empty and inert) round.
This is a small bottle necked round with no headstamp, it has a lead bullet with a wax lubricated groove, It has the following dimensions,
The case is 20mm in length
Complete it is 29mm
The bullet diameter is 6.5mm
Best Weasel.


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I wonder if its a Martini Henry .577 looks very similar
oops i should have seen your measurements i was going by the case looks a bad idea of mine
Educated guess

.297"/.230" Morris Aiming Tube, Long or
.297"/250" Rook Rifle

The bottleneck seems quite subtle so I'll guess on the Rook rifle.
TonyE will know the answer.


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Going by the dimensions it is a .297/.250" Rook Rifle. A .297/.230" has a noticeably wider shoulder to the case.

The "heeled" bullet is very typical of these early rounds.

Hi Tony and TimG,
Thanks that looks like it, the 297/250 Rook rifle round the only difference i can see is that the base of my round has a chamfer. Maybe that was just dependant on what company was making it.
Many thanks Weasel.

There are often slight differences in the rim of these rounds. There is also a wide rim version of the .297/230".