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Ident please


Ordnance approved
Can anyone ident these cartridges for a friend? I don't have them so I can't give any dimensions, but the are apprently "0.303 size". They were reputedly brought back from France in 1919.




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Hi eodda,
They are German,fairly sure they are 8x57mm for the Gew 88 rifle,there is a home here for them if your friend dos'nt want them!
Regards Tony
Hi eodda,
I suspect that these are either 7x57mm Mauser, or maybe 7.65x54mm Mauser (most probably the 7mm). They were made by Deutsche Metallpatronenfabrik, of Karlsruhe (who later became DWM). The FyA stands for Fusils y Ametralladores (rifle and machine guns), and indicates that they were probably made on contract for a South American country.
Thanks very much SMLE2009 and ydnum303. I've passed on your comments - and the offer of a good home!!


DM 7mm

Those are 7 x 57mm rounds.

Although headstamped for the South American market as Roger explained, a lot of these were supplied to the Boers in South Africa.

They look like they have the short cases, which were altered from 7.65x54 Cases to chamber in a 7x57 Mauser rifle. These are known as 7mm Kortneck (Short neck). They were made using cases DWM had available at the time. They are said to have worked fine in 7x57 chambers, although problems did arise after returning to firing standard 7x57 rounds. This is apparently because the chamber in front of the shortened neck was eroded by hot gas produced on firing, which would cause it to become worn, which would cause a normal length case to stick when the bolt was opened.