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Identification: Brass Shell Fuse timer


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I bought a shell fuse timer (pictures attached) in Leper, Belguim sometime ago and I understand that it was recovered from the surrounding area.

Can anyone help me identify this fuse? I thought it was a British type 88 fuse by the look of it, but my fuse does NOT have a slot in the top.

Markings inside are "BMC" "88" "16" and "H" the letter H is within a box (I'd like to know what these mean as well!)

The fuse is about 7.5cm wide - as you can see from the pictures it's a bit battered - and weights 813g.


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Thank you Doctor.

Couple of other questions:
1) Do you know what the markings stand for? Specifically BMC?
2) Is this fuse off an artillery shell?