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identification help wanted.


hi all.

can anybody identify this tungsten core for me?
the markings read: TFS86E001.173

height = 5.117 inch (130.09MM)
diameter = 1.469 inch (38.05MM)

any info is welcome.

thanks RNLMC.


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Identification help wanted

Hello RNLMC,

From the dimensions that you provided, and if the chance exists that it could be from an American projectile. I've provided photographs of two possibilities. The 76mm M319 HVAP - T or the 76mm M331A1 HVAPDS - T.

Best regards,



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I agree with Randall. I have one just like it from the 76mm gun on the walker Bulldog M41 tank. I have seen European versions of this same projectile for use in other nations 76mm guns.
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thanks people.
it`s a nice piece of tungsten and a good paper weight.
i just could not find a round for it to go with.

wonder what happend to the rest of the shot?(there
must be more right?)

cheers RNLMC
The particular design of this projectile, is that a lightweight aluminum sabot body fills the bore or the gun to seal off all the gas and accelerate the lightweight projectile that carries the Tungsten to the target. When the projo hits the target, the intent is that the Tungsten piece travels through the armor. The impact shatters the aluminum sabot which falls away to the ground as the very heavy Tungsten continues on. Usually the front half of the aluminum sabot is broken off at this time.
Here are some photos of what the remnants of the sabot look like after impact.


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thanx for the pics. its funny how you never know what the inside of
a round looks like untill its in pieces.

thanx for all the info. this is a great forum with all the know-how
going around.

regards. werner.