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Identification Please


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Could someone please help in identifying this piece :dry:

Many thanks,

Invest :laugh:

Pic 1

French 25mm Hotchkiss ?
I'm off comb my compputer for a drawing...

Best I could find.
The case is the same, the projectile in the drawing is a practice, yours is a A/P projectile with a piercing core in it.
Hi Lexpev,
Many thanks for your quick identification and drawing on the French 25mm Hotchkiss :laugh:
Invest :)
I beg to disagree. The round in the photograph is the rimmed 25 x 194R Hotchkiss anti-tank gun round. The round in the drawing is the rimless 25 x 163mm anti-aircraft round - both 25mm Hotchkiss but not at all the same.

The designation of the anti-tank gun was the M1934 (Shortened cavalry version was the M1935) and the anti-aircraft gun was the M1938 as shown on the drawing.

My God, Tony,
you are so right.
I'll get me some new glasses.
What I said on that projectile stays, as far as I know.
I got the same projectile here.
It is not for nothing that over on the "Long Long Trail" forum I am known as the Official Small Arms Pedant!