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Prosm o identifikaci střely, pořpadě Pokud bude možno dt obrzek je hilsnou.Dky Jardy

:tinysmile_shy_t:Buy from Belgie.Prosm identifying missiles pořpadě If possible, give the picture is hilsen.Dky Jarda


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I know Jardy wants the round identifying but can anyone translate the text in the above post please
It appears to be the APCBC-HE-T M61 Projo for the 75mm Sherman, missing the Ballistic and AP cap and rotating band. The three indentations on the ogive are where the AP cap crimps on. I have one just like it with rotating band.

I'm sure DJ Harms has a sectioned one to show. Yes, it is here:


The one discrepancy that I see with the unidentified piece, is that it doesn't appear to have as many crimping cuts for the piercing cap to crimp into, as the examples I've shown.


  • 75mm M61 Datasheet 2.jpg
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Thank you so much, Hazord, help with id. 75 millimeters?? Sherman???


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Yes, 75mm Sherman U.S. pattern. The round you show in your photos has two rotating bands, evidently an after-war design or a product of another country, possibly designed for higher velocity. If your projectile came from Belgium, it was most likely "Battle of the Bulge" related.
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