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Identify Projectile


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Oct. 20th 2009

I believe this is a WW1 shell but I would like to know if anyone has information on it. The base is 35mm and the height is 10 cm.

Thank you,



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Hi Kevin,
It looks to be a WW1 German Sockleflak projectile, that has been turned into a cigar cutter, hence the hole in the side and plunger on the top.
Best regards Weasel.
3,7 cm PR

I found the same shell 9 years ago in belgium.
We called him then 3,7 cm PRGr (Public Relation Granat). This kind of shell was made by manufacturers as public relation object !
I think you will find it works well as a cigar cutter!!!.
There was one with case on SA recently
These come in many varieties

The first kind and oldest was a totally made up projectile, looks like the Gruson made PD, but the bands are cast into the body and covered with a thin copper layer. They are under size at 35mm. The rest are converted real projectiles. Unfortunately in the conversion some height is lost on the normal PD kinds and they cannot be restored. I will add an image later if can find it. Almost every kind suffered this fate. The 1890s Gruson shown was restored, with it's very flat rounded nose shape height wasn't lost and it was possible to save it with a copy made new nose. It was on top of an ash tray with a Canadian WW1 collar badge on it. The third image shows a close up of the copper metal over the cast into the body bands, the bands are flat unlike the real Gruson projectile. This comes on a decent base and is well made but is a replica projectile. The last image shows a set, one the usual nipper, the other a lighter to be passed around the table with the cigars, a much less common item.


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