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Imperial german offerings


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I had to delve into the darkest depths of my cabinets tonight so while I was there out came the smattering of Imperial German grenades I have for a couple of quick pics.
Theres a bit of everything there including some obviously restored examples. the pick of them is the 1916 pattern grenade dated 1.5.16 on the handle, then the big can AEG made grenade its a reduced charge model with a block of wood in the can ( My first ever stick grenade) M1917 x2 a couple more variants of the pre M1917 grenades,M1915 with ball final on stick, the percussion variant , Ub practice model ,a few M1917 Eggs, M1913 andM1915 Discus and the old Krugel housed in an original pannier.
Enjoy guys,If you want better pics of anything let me know and I will oblige

Best Regards


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Hi Andrew ,, A very nice selection you have there, like the kugal pannier and the poppenberg,,these always look great ,,even more so when you saw these the
first time round, Best Regards Nick