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In the trench

Well Gentlemen and ladies as the case may apply, it's been a while since I took in the trench snaps, Tried to get all new goodies in pics including 20mm stuff which is off to side, so I took three...Dano


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What a great display Dano, nice one!!!!
It makes my display of loads of rounds on the shelf look boring.
Looks like you put in a lot of hard work there.
Thanks for showing it.
YES!!! ... very nice..... My wife would have a fit if she came home and I had a "Trench" in the basement..... :tinysmile_shy_t:

Great display though....:cheers:
card of thanks

Thank you kindly gentlemen, I sure do appreciate comments especially the positive ones (wish camera could have shown duckboards and simulated MUD...Dano
figure it out

Aw Rick, You'll figure it out, I just happened to have an extra un-used corner in the basement and wife (Teresa) actually help me build it. Thimbles might be a tad extreme, but please never ever start in on the beanie babies!!! All the best. Dano
duck boards

Had to take 1 more snap in the trench showing duckboards and fake French mud. Dano


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one more shot

I wanted to add 1 last "in the trench" shot as it shows much of the recently traded for stuff I just got and had to do a tad of re-arranging to make all the s___ fit. So here it is....Dano


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Realy cool Dano

Realz cool dano i like your trench very much and your collection too !!

The mud looks realy cool yopu have a great display there and the original trenches in franc looking realy similar to this go ahead !!

Thank for posting it

Regards David
sizing out

Thanks Guys for the positive and encouraging comments, however too many more items and I will be sized out of it. I already have clearance from the boss lady to add a dugout, and without canted walls should be able to squeeze some serious display space especially for bigger stuff. Would not trade my wife for anything in this world. She says the basement is mine to do as I see fit. So i'm already collecting materials, and of course it will be built GREEN, from scrap materials and stuff that can be procured free locally. This time roof will be logged to simulate a bomb proof. Possibilities are boundless. Best Dano
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Very impressive- wish my wife had been as selfless and sharing as yours!!
(She couldn't complain, when we were married- I never collected "big" ordnance- just lots of it!)
Instead of going for thimbles- go for the smaller stuff, like me-
I LOVE firing and boobytrap devices!!