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Incendiary bomb tin opener??


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Plenty of these tools have been found from a former storage where hundreds of German 1 kilo incendiary bombs have been burned in their tin containers. Could this tool be for tearing the tin open?


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Its an interesting thought but would be hard to know if its purpose was for that?
I try to find a picture of the tin wrecks and post it later on. Anyway the tin has a seam at about 2/3 height all around. The seam is sealed by soldering a 1" wide band around. Some of the band remains have a wire pull loop but some don't.
Here a picture of burned storage of 1 kilo incendiary bombs. They have been packed in 20 ( 25? ) pcs steel tins. All steel parts found from this scrap are either bomb tails, tin parts or these mystical tools. So, they must have something to do with 1 kilo bombs.


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