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Info on 3lb armourers cartridge please


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Just bought this on ebay as seemed a bit different to my usual stuff,can anyone tell me about it.the seller described it as " 3 pdr Adaptor gauge ARMOURS TOOL strike test"
thanks for looking spotter

Was this cheap old chap? Seems to be of a late date, although i bought a 3 pdr blank the other day for 99 pence dated 1979.This apparently was fired on the millenium in plymouth,does this mean the guns are still in service? or just for saluting use as per 13pdrs.Finally is the base steel? cheers Tony.
wll i dont know prices of these ,i most likely paid too much 8.00 but i liked look of it and for price of couple packs of cigs i didnt mind the price,itll make a nice pen holder aat the desk
8 quids fine spot for something a bit different.If you buy stuff on a regular basis you could give up the ciggies for good!
ill stop one day ,when i dont know ,tried before and sold my patches on ebay