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Interesting painted projectile


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Just got back from the Hartford (CT) Antique Arms Show. Picked up a couple of things including this shell. Base fused, ~47mm diameter, just shy of 7" long. Note the white stripe which, according to the handy dandy Treatise, means "Common Shell".

All of which is wonderful but what is the true designation of this cute little thing?

Clearly, no wire brushes for this one. :tinysmile_fatgrin_t


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3 pdr. Hotchkiss (47mm)


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3 pdr.

have a look on Specialist Auctions, Siegfreid has one on now, you should be able to find a case. Earlier Hotchkiss types have a 3 ribbed band, I think this band is more of a Nordenfelt design.
BTW, what type of fuse would this take? I think that it would be a good addition.
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The fuze used would be a Hotchkiss base fuze (the bottom fuze in the attachment).

The case is 47x376R



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I believe a Hotchkiss MKlV , Looks like this, except you want one not so chewed ! (not Mine - I don't have one)


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Now. Which of you strapping lads can put me in the way of one?