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Is it grenade?


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I know that is german from wwI but I dont know what is it.
Could be some antitank or anti-entanglemend grenade or perhaps some smoke grenade?



Its a smoke emitting practice A/P mine Any details of the size please
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'15 igniter???

I don't doubt that it is a smoke emitting stake mine, what puzzles me is the igniter? Does that belong on that stake mine? The '15 zinc-alloy igniter is a hard pull igniter (takes some force to get that loop out of the body) and just don't make sense to me that the igniter would be correct for that piece. Merely an observation/question......Dano
Hi Dano
I do not think that ignter is correct , it could be that its an add on to complete , i wonder if a standard ZZ35 or 42 would screw into it ?
My misteke,I shoudnt put this ignitor in to this mine but tell me what ignitor was in this mine?It is for sure wwI.Scrow for fuse is the same as in german eggs or kugels.
length:40 cm- about15,7 inches
diameter:5,5 cm-about 2,2 inches
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Never mind about the smoke gren. Whats the grenade on your little avatar pic next to your name ?? :tinysmile_fatgrin_t
With those diamentions it looks like a finish A/P Stock mine manufactured prior to 1950 and was obsolete after the second world war ,the igniter was a pin witdrawl VG type (which im trying to find out about)
transit plug

Well now the WW1 type transit plugs with the nazi proofs start to make sense! Strange how perplexing things can make total sense when least expected! Dano
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