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is this were a torpedo goes?


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Hi i'm new here and was wondering if torpedoes fall under "other"? I have a US mark46 mod 0 anti sub torpedo, i'm thinking it's unusual to find such a thing, i've never seen another for sale so anyway does anybody here know how to take one apart? i want to take the motor out and lighten it up so i can make a coffee table out of it, and restore the outside. thanks i'll post a picture tommorrow.
oh my gosh it's cool, and heavy. it's about 500 pounds, imagine the looks i got hauling that home. ha don't worry i'll have pictures for sure.
ok i got some pictures for you fellows, i have it sitting on a pickup truck frame for now, it's missing 2 fins. this was the type dropped by helicopters etc. i also have the drag chute and canister, this is dated 1967. The blue tag is a inert ordnance certification, they also stamped the number on the body. thanks:tinysmile_fatgrin_t


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Thanks for showing it, is that one of many?
Thanks for showing it, is that one of many?
one of many? it's the only one iv'e got , there maybe other's out there but i've never seen one for sale. there was a place here in the states that sold ww2 aerial torpedo's but that's been 20 years plus. i really don't know if there around if someone here knows somebody let me know.