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Israeli artillery piece?


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Can anybody identify this - either generically or specifically? Tip to base is 8cm; diameter of base is approx. 7.5cm. It fits in the palm of my hand but it weighs about 10 lbs.

Thanks for your help.


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Road cutter tooth.

Apart from the fact that is bigger than I would expect I would guess that it is a road surface cutter tip used to remove thehighway Tarmac or Concrete surface prior to resurfacing-the two special key cutouts also lend weight to this theory as it would normalyy be screwed into a large cutting wheel on the nachine, also the tip will be made of high quality "Tungsten" hence the weight.
Sorry that this may dissapoint you on your find!

Most "hard core" (aka Tungsten) Armour piercing rounds have a Tungsten core inside a jacket or body and are a push fit into the carrier projectile.


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Here's your tungsten piece Wingerjt, I think Chris hitthe bullseye.


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Scrap metals

Hi Wingerjt dont forget that scrap Tungsten is worth a small fortune so I ould either add to it if you can find more or take it to a tool dealer who sells Tungsten tips for turning and milling as he will usually also buy/sell the scrap tips-good luck:tinysmile_fatgrin_t

Thanks pzgr for the "evidence" old bean.
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Scrap metal

It's not that easy with scarce and expensive scrap metals. I once got in my hands over 50 kilos of Titanium, looked at the price at LME list and thought I'll make a good profit. Then I offered it to several scrap metal dealers but nobody bought it at any price. The reason was that Titanium scrap is so rarely available that no scrap dealer had a re-selling chain for it. So, all that Titanium is still at me after years.:sad: