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Israeli "Gammon" Grenade


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Somewhere I have a picture of a grenade which is of Israeli manufacture and looks very much like the British WW2 Gammon or No 82 grenade. It has a plastic all-ways fuse and the explosive is contained in a thick cotton/hessian bag. I am trying to find details about it with reference to one of my other posts regarding all-ways grenade fuses. Any pics or info would be great, thanks, Tony.
This the one you mean, Israelie No. 8 Offensive Grenade, not much information unfortunately, but not a bad photo. Hope this helps.


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The Israelie's also have the No. 18 that uses the same fuze mech.


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Thanks Sgtlynn, that's exactly the one, the No 8 offensive grenade. I like the look of that No 18 Too, not seen one of those before, looking at the cutaway picture of the fuse, it looks very much like the Spanish version on my PO 1. Tony.