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Italian 45mm Brixia mortar bomb


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Heres my 45mm brixia mortar bomb ,and thats it thats all i know about it ,I know lots about what fired it but nothing about the round ,help please.
Whats under the cap I dont want to break the thin metal retaining thingy to find out .
What do its giblets look like mine are missing (anyone got any for sale??)
Love Daz
Hi DAZ, I have scanned a couple of pages for you hope they are of some use. There is also a write up on the operation of the Brixia if you want it i can scan it and send it to you or post it.
The complete weight when full of "giblets" was given as 1 pound, with a bursting charge of TNT in a compressed pellet partly in the body in an aluminum container and partly in the tail. Around the aluminum container in the body there would have been a flat section coiled spring which according to my reference is probably to increase fragmentation.
Ref: War Office Pamphlet No4 Handbook of Enemy Ammunition 1940.
there were 2 kind of brixia grenade. m35 and m39 wich differs for:
m35 = explosive container made of brass
m39 = explosive container made of alluminium and some fuze part.
the original project was by brixia, often called breda, but breda was a manufaturer.

some original pictures, in action with ammo box
some grenade
with white stripe means reduced charge, practice
Looking at Ferts picture of the launcher and images of the grenade,i can undertnd why these often get called mortar rounds,,Am i correct in thinking that the launch tube works on same principal as a normal grenade launcher using a blank round to propel the grenade
From the confusing description on the operation sevaral mortars are loaded into a magazine on the mortar and a magazine of charges is also loaded I think unless it fires like a piat launcher can someone correct me.
The magazine is for the propelling cartridge,,the projector is loaded through the bomb loading opening which is about half way up the barrel on mbs drawing,,,
thanks for the pic mad it answered a lot for me .....spotter