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Japanese ammo documentation for FREE :)


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Hi guys,

Some months ago I promised to make the documentation I have on Japanese documents publicly available, well, that is, the stuff that's not copyrighted, of course. :p

Please note that many of these titles have been bought for way too much money from a 'certain' US seller who likes to download his stuff for free, break-up documentation and sell EVERYTHING (often for top dollar) on just about ALL ammo related auction sites and e-Bay.

Beware of this person, for you WILL get burnt! I, for one, prefer to give my documentation away for free, rather than seeing someone else spend a penny on his titles. Never mind titles that promise to make you an 'instant expert' either; trust me, they will not. Half of it is stuff that 'the expert' doesn't know what it is exactly either, nearly nothing is explained, and it's just an auction caltalogue on DVD. It should also be no surprise that ALL of the great docs that Bonnex (IIRC) posted here for free, are again being sold individually for $9,97 a title on e-Bay. How annoying!

Anyway, there are some good titles in my stuff, most of which came from the late Piet Oosterveer who sold them at very low cost and in high quality.

Mind you, some of the titles are many MBs (some hundreds even when unpacked), so downloading may take some time. This, however, is the best I can do at present now that spare time comes so preciously little...

Alrighty, here goes:


Hopefully someone else can complete the free docs by posting their's too for download, and enjoy!

Excellent stuff, very useful, many thanks for sharing it with us.
What software reads .rar files?

Can someone tell me what software program reads files with .rar at the end? What format is it please?



Can someone tell me what software program reads files with .rar at the end? What format is it please?



RAR ia a compression algorithm, developed by one Eugene Roshal, and the acronym comes from "Roshal ARchive". Seems to be ousting WinZip as the compression/decompression package of choice.

Suggest you try:

[ame="http://download.cnet.com/Free-RAR-Extract-Frog/3000-2250_4-10804840.html"]Free RAR Extract Frog - Free software downloads and software reviews - CNET Download.com[/ame]

and download the free RAR Extraxt Frog program. I've found it works a treat for unwrapping RAR compressed files.

Down loads

Great to see a set of down loads like this. Many people are scared to put this type of info up as it then appears as a CD on E-Bay. Thanks a great resource.

I know who you mean "Caesod" I'll say it no problem, I have been warned about them from other U.S. collectors and those in the Know.

If I can get my stuff into pdf files like this I will do likewise.
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Hi guys,

You're welcome!
Hopefully some others can do the same and add some unlisted titles...

Also, regarding the RAR format: on Windows platforms you might want to check out 'winrar' (made by rarlab). On OS-X and other flavours of Unixes and on Linuxes there are also tools to unpack them.

Japanese files

Many many thanks to Ogreve for the fantastic collection of Japanese material that he made available. Some I had but others were new to me and a real bonus. It's great sharing them and putting that grubby "Caesod" out of business.

Had to update from dailup to broadband so that I could download them and then had a heap of troubles finding the downloaded files but eventually worked it all out.

I'll be years blending all of this material into my "little project" of a "one stop reference" on disc

Once again many thanks to Ogreve.
BOUGAINVILLE :tinysmile_shy_t:
Its good to know that stuff you send out starts getting around to people who have a use for it. The markings slides are ones I put together to help my students when I was an instructor. I loaded them on a website, didn't make a backup and now the website has been scrubbed. Handy.
Great Job

That's a very handy & shall come in useful I've just retired and I'm going to restore some Japanese items that I've come a cross over the years. So thank you for the effort. REgards John
Thank you. I'm one of those people who ordered some of those materials (3 to be exact). I can't thank you enough for the info. Thanks, Jim
It's not a "them", just a "him"...John Schmidt. He takes both open and copyrighted material and sells it, and then dares the author to sue him. In my opinion...a big piece of crap. We've had a number of run-ins.