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Japanese fuzes



Hi all some slightly unusual Japanese army bomb fuzes their are two versions of this fuze the one on the left is Brass and the other is Steel both are Type 99 Instantaneous- short delay fuze type A-2 (c) and were used on the Type94 50 and 100Kg bombs .


  • Japanese selectable fuzes 001.jpg
    Japanese selectable fuzes 001.jpg
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  • Japanese selectable fuzes 002.jpg
    Japanese selectable fuzes 002.jpg
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Very nice Army bomb fuzes. Army bomb fuzes and Navy bomb fuzes are of different threads as they cannot interchange between Army and Navy bombs. Jap Army bomb fuzes have a hole in the vanes and the safety forked pin is fitted over the vanes from the top as opposed to the Navy fuzes that have no holes in the vanes and the safety fork pin is inserted at the side.
My mate Mick is big into Jap fuzes,pity he hasnt got a computer or he would like looking at those!

thanks for showing them.


Hi Paul
These two are up for sale if your mates interested total price is 165 the pair but would sell to BOCN members for 150 plus postage
Hi Steve,i will ring him tonight as he is back on the night shift and doesnt get up `til after six pm.