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Japanese T95 Tank


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Here`s some pics I took of a tank in Hawaii a few years ago.


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Jap Tank

Howdy Zwerge,

I went to this museum in 1990, plenty to look at there, did you go upstairs & check the goodies on the roof?

Regards Ozzi.
"Because of Hawai'i's strategic importance, Coast Artillery units and installations here were among the strongest such forces the U.S. Army had stationed anywhere. Fort DeRussy's batteries, Battery Randolph and Battery Dudley, represented state-of-the-art Coast Artillery architecture when they were constructed in 1911. The purpose of Coast Artillery was to defeat armored warships. Until the development of airpower, Coast Artillery was the first line of defense against enemy invasion.
In 1970 Battery Dudley fell to the wrecker's ball but Battery Randolph survived the attempted demolition to become the U.S. Army Museum of Hawai'i."

I'm glad DeRussy was saved ..it's always been one of my favorites. You can spend the day at the Beach and take a quick tour to cool off :tinysmile_hmm_t:
here's another site --

Thanks for the replys guys,yes I had a good tour of the place, I got an interesting book there called Koga`s Zero which is about a zero fighter recovered and restored after the attack on Dutch Harbor in June 1942.