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Jersey's Guns

Chris 42 RQ

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Whilst over in Jersey I had a chance of looking around various coastal defence area's.
It is amazing what you can find on prominent hilltops or cliffs.

The pictures show what measured up to be an 8 inch gun breech Block and it's detached Barrel.

Chris :tinysmile_shy_t:


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I wonder also !

Yes Lee I wonder if it and a lot of other items are still safe from the scrapman !

I really would love to go and check them out again !

Chris :tinysmile_shy_t:
Corbierre Battery Jersey.

Here is another picture of a Gun emplacement situated at ""Corbierre" on Jersey with a very interesting item still in situ !
One of the rare emplacement's that appear not to have suffered from the ill effects of the scrapman as this one still has it's Gun, a 105 mm Calibre Gun, I believe it was a captured French model Field Gun modified for Emplacement use.
Also shown are two view's of the rear entrance with a Machine Gun loophole.

Chris :tinysmile_shy_t:


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Hi Chris, a lot of the guns on the channel isles were captured french items.I would recommend St Peters bunker and also a small museum on the beach at St Ouens bay,this is in a restored casemate and has a gun of a similiar size in place,plus a cracking collection of militaria to view.Had a few bits for sale when i went there. I cant post any pics as they are on 35mm.Tony:tinysmile_fatgrin_t
Good time to go is early September when they have an excellent free airshow, as well as loads of military things to see. Tony.