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Jolly Green

Jolly Green (John) is a man of impecable character. He sent me a couple of BOCN patches which came as a total surprise. He will not allow me to return the favor, so what I will do is on December 3rd (that is payday for me) I will make a small donation to BOCN in my and Johns name. Thanks John, you are truly an asset to our wonderful hobby....Dano
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Thanks for checking my syntax on that one Rick. It could be misconstrued in a bad way. Old man Dano was in a typing hurry and the word I meant was definately ASSET. Incidently those BOCN patches are most definately a work of art. 1000 apologies John.....Dano
I totaly agree with Dano1917, John is a man of impecable character. I will deal with him anytime! Thanks John for your help, it is greatly appreciated Brother!!