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Just for fun


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Just for fun, anyone want to try and ID this?


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That would be too easy. Still not there.
So, is it some extremely rare 32cm Chem Rocket that didn't make the regular books?
I'm working on the next update to the Pre-1946 Chemical Weapons Identification Handbook, but this isn't in it.
I guess I will flock shoot then. If it isn't in the Chem book, then we are back to an unmentioned size of HE (32cm), an unmentioned size of incendiary (28cm) something bio, or FAE?
Here's another one similar, maybe this will help.


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    Rocket 2.jpg
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Well, this one looks similar to the 30cm HE, but the fuze looks longer than what I have seen listed and described.
OK John, its getting close to my bedtime -

You guys were close, size was right, post war was pretty much right, just the wrong address.

These are the 32cm incendiary and 28cm HE, Russian rockets. As my escort at the site said to me, you (US) got the scientists, so we took the factory. Kind of strange to see German designs with Cyrillic characters stamped into them. These were in the storage area at one of the most fantastic collections of ordnance I've ever seen, the Russian Artillery Museum at St. Petersburg.

Thousands and thousands and thousands of projectiles, mortars, rockets and fuzes, in a monster building. What is on display is fantastic, what is in storage is even better.

I've attached a couple more pictures of some of the variations of other German rocket designs I saw, enjoy. JO


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Some general shots from the museum.


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Do you need someone to help carry your camara bag on these trips? I'd like to volunteer if you do.:tinysmile_fatgrin_t

Darn Jo, I was leaning toward toilet cock valve for 70's vintage McPherson up-flush toilet, or possibly a muffler bracket for a 72 Ford Pinto! Close but no cigar..Dano