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Just my angry $.02


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I am hearing now that a few years after the invasion of Iraq the U.S. Army in all its immortal wisdom, quit giving the Soldiers any more hand grenades. Some guys who were there in 2004 were telling me that the ranking officers went around the troops and began collecting all the grenades and unauthorized there usage from that point on.

My friend who was my partner while working in the jail told me what he did and all I could say was "what in the world are you saying"? He told me that they collected his grenades also. So, what he did is buy a huge Boom Blaster, removed most of the internals, and bought four Iraqi F-1's from a street vendor who didn't care, and all he wanted in return was $20.00 American dollars and asked him to kill all bad muslims. Joe said "OK!" He stated before Joe left that the next time he needed anything in that area of weapons Joe could come back to him. As it turned out he was a black markateer and came highy reccommend by one of the Iraqi national guardsmens team members that just happend to be on his team. He later became Joe's bodyguard on his team. This guy was also the newphew of the seller. Joe's mission when he was over there was to train the new Iraqi National Guard. So Joe would go back from time to time to get any Iraqi grenades that he could get and the prices went way down especially for the F-1's and the RG-5's. Don't ask, I don't know.

So did the British get there's taken away also?

When I was there from '06 to '07, they issued NO hand grenades with your normal ammo load-out. Guys with M203 launchers got next to nothing (usually a few flares, etc).
Being EOD has it's advantages, though. I am NEVER without grenades, nor is my team M203 gunner.
But, the average soldier in Iraq doesn't get grenades, from what I saw.
Infantry guys and scouts would get a few, along with HEDP for the M203, but, they were "accountable" for them- often "expending" a grenade meant filling out a sworn statement, along with one from your NCO- "proving" that it was neccessary.
Heck, when I was in Iraq, it took a GENERAL'S approval (via radio) to get permission to fire an AT-4!!!!!
Again, that was for the regular soldier- being EOD, we did what we damned well pleased, anyone who argued with us risked pissing off the one group that could keep him from standing "overwatch" (being sniper-bait) on a suspected IED for 4 hours or so. We never let personal feelings mess with response times, though (but the ground commanders didn't know that).
I had heard that at the end of the first Gulf War (after 2 or 3 weeks whatever it was), that they took all the ammo away from the troops because they didn't want them to accidently shoot anyone.
don't be tak'n my ammo

They would have to use a "crowbar" to pry the ammunition from my hands even if rigor had already set in...Dano
Kinda suprised they aren't taking the ammo away from joes in Iraq and Afghanistan in the hopes of lowering the suicide rate....