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King Tiger Round


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Hi Chaps,

i may be able to lay my hands on a great condition round next year.
Does anyone have a picture or some info on one please?
cheers :)

Hi Waff
Here is a photo of the AP round
Hi Waff,

Dont get me wrong but it seems a bit strange that your planning to spend a large amount of money (I presume?) on a 88x882R round but you dont have a picture or any info on it?

There are some good reference books out there (German artillery of world war two by Ian V Hogg springs to mind) which should help.

Ah,good question my good man!
its from a private collector who is known to my good pal and mentor Mick.
I have much faith in my old mucker!
it may be even late on next year when the round becomes available as the owner is shifting interest in collecting(say german to russian for example)
I have first dibs on it,so i was wondering what one looked like.
Its a lot of cash,so much saving up first!.

thanks for the pic Harry,:)

Saffery sold a near mint one on ebay about a year ago I would of loved it I got outbid at 275 it went for around 400 + i think

By the way I want to thank Waff for introducing me to this site when he fleeced me for a 3.7cm Flak sk /c30 at an arms fair. Cheers Mate
I was about to hit the bleedin` roof!

I already had a bad day over at MCF were a member had promised me an item then resold it to someone else.

i will get you back ya sh#tbag!:laugh: :laugh:

Lets get back on topic please.
I agree about the price of a King Tiger round being around 400.
thats the price ive been quoted.

so do you have pics....what condition it is in?

What state is the case in, dented? 100% brass wash?....any markings?
What type of projectile is in it.

phew....back on topic ;-)
Hi Richard!,

I dont have a pic of it yet,thats why i asked for a picture to look at.
Its a few months off until its ready for sale,but im told on very good order that its a crackin` good one!;)


:laugh: Believe me my man,its from one of the best collections in the country.
patience and all will be revealed......

Hi Richard
Sorry for the delay in getting back to you, the KwK round in the photo isn't mine it was one i restored for a boy, the share some more is it more photos of the KwK or other German rounds?
Lol....anything WWII AP tank rounds and I'm happy :) .....thats prolly a new topic starter.

...better hurry before our potty government stops BOCN ;-).
Hi Richard
Here are a couple of photos of some of my AP rounds one with British & US the other German & Russian, Hope fully it won't effect collecting the ammo it bad enough having to put it on a FAC ever 5 years.