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King Tigers


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For sale Two King tigers made by dragon models mint and boxed half the price they sell for on ebay.
First one is ardennes offensive camo

Second one is normandy/battle of france camo

25 each including postage

Only selling as could not make mind up which one i wanted so bought the lot to make my mind up. Yep i'm nuts:woohoo:
Daz you sem to like the scale model stuff,,do you remember about a year ago a company called Brumm was going to sell models of the bombs dropped on japan,,do you know if they ever hit the market,,also do you know of anywhere that does scale models of bombs
I think they are great, dont think they have been released over here yet will keep an eye out and get a few if i can and sell them at cost to my brothers on here. Watch this space
Is that parent and child running from the bomb in the diorama ,i dont think they will make it or have they been vaporised and thats why they look flat and red hot.
Cheers quater you really got my juices flowing now that link if you go to products and look at the pdf files theres some amazing close up pics of them both.
DAZ REICH wrote:
Is that parent and child running from the bomb in the diorama ,i dont think they will make it

:laugh: :laugh: nice one Daz!

..and thanks Q for the link.

If I was the model designer I dont think I'd have chosen a father and child silhouette to indicate scale on the 'little boy' bomb.

Seems a strange choice.

Perhaps a USAAF crewman would have been a more tactful choice?

Quater the father and child cutouts are meant to be where they have been vaporised by the bomb going off thats why they are redhot and flat i think??
Dead german on barb wire

I have a Corgi dead german on barbed wire model i'm thinking of selling ,anyone interested pictures will follow tommorow