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Krugel stick grenade info


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Greetings all,
Im wanting some details on the adaptor to fit the Krugel grenade to the percussion grenade handle.
I have one of the new handles fitted with original hardware and wish to make it a Krugel topped example.
Any pics and info appreciated.
KugelKopft Stick Grenade

Hi,, Hope this helps .
Here are the two varients on the Poppenberg and Kugalkopft fittings,, bassically a threaded brass sleeve was fitted to the impact fuse top thread that just slips over the top
not sure of thread size but could ask around to find out for you.

Best Regards

ooohhh! I can feel a boozey X-Mas comming on :tinysmile_tongue_t:

Happy X-Mas Chaps and a prosperous new year.


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so thats where they all are!

Ive been looking for one of these Kugal sticks for ages. Looks like jeensey has bought every last one of them!!!:tinysmile_angry_t: