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Kynoch 1938 1mm case


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Hope someone can help
I have an un used, un primed, never crimped brass case. Excellent condition.
Headstamp is K38 with 16mm in italics.
It is roughly the same size as my BESA 15mm round.
I have heard there was a 16mm anti-tank/HMG made between the war years but it never went into production & that Kynoch were approached to make the ammo? This case obviously puts some truth in this story.
Anyone know anymore?


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Hi nice case. Is it 99mm long as opposed to the slightly longer Besa case?

16mm Vickers cartridge 1938

Hi I got the following information from Peter Labbetts book "British small arms ammunition 1864-1938"

"The 16 X 99 cartridge was intended for a Vickers tank machine gun offered by Vickers Armstrong Ltd. to the War Office but apparently never seriously considered by the Army, who instead picked the Czech ZB 60 15mm machine gun.

In April 1938 Kynoch produced a very small quantity of 16mm ammunition for Vickers Armstrong, covered by desigh BK 167/16. The rimless, bottlenecked case was 99mm long with rim diameter of 22.35mm, overall round length being 134.6mm. The bottlenecked bullet weighed 1150 grains, of which the steel core accounted for 740 grains. Bullet length was 58mm and diameter 16.35mm."

Hope this helps.

Cheers for all that.
Have measured case & complies to all those dimensions - pity there`s no head.
Would appear to be a fairly rare item.
Thanks again.
Might invest in the book!!
Kynoch 1938 16mm

Finally managed to get a good readable pic of H/S!!


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