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L 60 or L70 case?


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This is arse about face ,but which gun was the 40mm break up mk 10/2 projectile used with?,i guess L70 for land service, as far as i know the navy only used L60 guns.Im trying to marry up projectiles with cases at the moment.Also why are Uk L70 cases so scarce? Cheers Tony.
The L/70 has a longer projectile than the L/60.

Also,the L/70 projectile would be crimped in the case by two crimps,not one like the L/60.

L/70 proj on the left,L/60 on the right.

Hi cheers Andy,when i know what i need we can sort out a swap,in the end!!!Cheers old chap.
I do not wish to rain on your parade but I think it is wrong to assume that the majority of L40/70 projectiles are secured by two annular crimps as I always thought it was usual to find a L40/70 projectile crimped in with only one annular crimp ?
The Swedish rounds (both complete H.E and Practice) are secured with just one crimp as is the experimental L40/70 H.E.S and Swedish A.P.C.B C/T projectile missing their cases.

Chris,I said that the L/60 was secured with one crimp
and the L/70 with two.