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L40/60 Bofors part Two


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Happy Easter to you all, the second Bofors I have in my collection is a 1938 Swedish Gun which were supplied to the War office during the build up to the war .These Guns were far superior in quality to the mass produced Bofors that the British and Canadian manufactured on demand.
I recently supplied my Gun to Tallis pictures who were responsible for making the movie 'ATONEMENT' where they recreated the Dunkirk evacuations.
The set location was Redcar ,Cleveland only 30 miles from where I live so it was quite convenient.
Redcar is a seaside town that has a very similar sky line to Dunkirk with industrial factories as the back drop so it was the ideal location for the recreation of the beach recovery of thousands of British and French troops.
attached are a few pics of the my Bofors on set and an original picture of Dunkirk.

Rob.......................rnixartillery Collection


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Nice one !

Having spent so much time renovating your gun it must be very pleasing to see it on film.

Thanks for sharing Rob.
40mm Bofors

Did ya get the name & phone number of the bird in the sand in the last shot???

Might be past the use by date by now!!!!!! Phone number that is!!!!

LOL Ozzi.
Amazing how it looks like the landscape of Dunkirk during the 40's.

I live near this city ;)

Thanks for the pictures.