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Label Patronen S.m.E


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Had these 2 small labels given this week can anyone tell me about them please...thanks for looking spotter


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Hi spotter, it means the cartboard contains:

Steel cored ball cartridges
1944 wg 50
Nitrocellulose rifle blade powder (square 2x2x0,45 mm) 1944 kfb (manufacturor) batch 24
Steel cartridge case with reinforced base (+) 1944 wg (manufacturor), bullet 1944 wg (manufacturor)
Firing cap type 30/40 1944 edq (manufacturor) batch 277

All the manufacturor codes of shellcases , firing caps , powder and boxes can be found on this page :

Regards DJH
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wg = "Hasag", Hugo Schneider A.G., Werk Altenburg im Thringen

So, that's where the bullets in this box were produced and assembled
Hasag was one of the bigger company's , also responsible for developing and producing weapons such as the panzerfaust and the jagerfaust

Regards DJH