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large unknown T & P fuze


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Hello together,
I got this fuze recently, which is (probably) a powder train time fuze with impact feature. There are no internal parts at all in it, so it is hard to tell. There is a "M" and a "O" mark for delay/non-delay adjustments. (selector is also missing) Graduations from 10 - 300 in 10step increments. Also an "U" mark where the graduations are. In the 2 wrench notches is a "97" (which is probably the year 1897) and a "Wa" or a "Wd" stencilled in it. This is similar to the pre WW I German fuzes which were marked similar to it. ( I don't know what "Wa" or "Wd" stands for) There is another "Bl" mark on the underside (maybe for "Blind"). I would guess it could be German or maybe Austrian?? The largest dia. is 82mm , thread dia. is 71,5mm, total length is 218mm.
Does anybody knows this fuze?
Mrfuze, USA


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