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Last sundays efforts out bush


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Here are some more items found out bush last sunday I was invited by my mate to come and take photographs of the clean up after a fire had gone thru a patch of bush in an old artillary range area so we went for a look here some pic's of the safe stuff Also found were a HE 25pdr and a live 3" mortar Army bomb disposal have been notifed and gps details supplied to them. First two pic's show the terrain it's bloody rough country next two show a 25pdr carrier embedded and then removed and the last shows one that was placed on a termite nest about ten years ago when he last visited it still shows traces of original paint will post more pic's soon
Regards 25thapril


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more items from bush

a few more pic's Items come from a rocky area if the metal is touching the ground it will range from light pitting to very heavy pitting but if above ground or even better having come to rest sitting on some rocks they are almost perfect still showing all stamps and even lathe marks from the machining process ,first two show what was found please note the 25 pdr that has had a PE demo to just behind the fuse at some stage next shows my mates home made bomb transporter and last two show two more 25 pdr carrier in situ Will visit another mate in the next few days to take a pic of a 25 pdr embedded in a tree trunk so stay tuned to this station
Regards 25thapril


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nice pics

Great stuff 25thapril, Ilove seeing those big shells in the wild, must have made for a nice Sunday outing, can't wait to see photo of 25 pounder in the tree! Dano
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Great photos 25thapril, well done.
Absolutely amazing what's out there to find. Thanks for sharing.

Fantastic photos, its always interesting to see what shows up on old ranges. Can't wait to see more. Thanks for sharing.

Hello 25th,
The ash on the ground hasn't even had time to blow away. The fire must have gone through a day or two before. Nothing like a nice Sunday walk to see what you can find on the ground, lol. Great finds !!!
photo (10).jpgphoto (7).jpgphoto (8).jpgphoto (9).jpg
I Was invited out again to the training sites last sunday to take some photographs after another big fire had been through, here are pics of some of the items found . 9mm Owen gun cases ,.303 cases ,2"illum mortar ,3" mortar tail fins ,4.2 " Mortar fins and exploded chem bodies, 25 pdr smoke carrier projectiles, a 18 pdr HE projectile that had gone of in the recent fire, 25 pdr HE low order exploded projectiles ,M36 discharger base, etc but best of all whats believed to be 2 damaged aluminium 250 pdr bomb tail fins still with some buff coloured paint on them . Anyway enjoy the pic,s
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What are the manufacturing / filling dates on the items you have seen, I take it they are around WW2?
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What are the manufacturing / filling dates on the items you have seen, I take it they are around WW2?
My apologies for the very slow reply AMMOTECHXT I have been able to obtain some pic's of a cleaned up 25 pdr MK1 BE projectile showing the details you asked about not bad for something that has sat outside for 70 years photo (22).jpgphoto (24).jpg